Invisible Women: Gender Equality over Coffee #bookClub

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We have been hearing a lot about this book from our guests. The book of Caroline Criado Perez with the title Invisible Women. So we decided to start a book club and record some episodes about it. Everyone is invited!


TIMEA: Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Gender Equality over Coffee. And this time we’re going to be gender equality over an espresso.

RAMÓN: Smaller cups. Hi there. Yeah. Thank you, Timea. What we’ve got for you today is a very special, shorter episode, hence espresso, where we’re going to be starting our book club. And you might have guessed already based on what our previous episodes were talking about, a number of guests have mentioned a book, and this is a book I have not read myself time. You’ve read it, right?

TIMEA: Yes, I’m already through it. And I have to say I promoted it in our podcast already heavily. Yeah.

RAMÓN: Why don’t you show the title of the book.

TIMEA: The book is flying in the podcast and surprise surprise, its Invisible Women by Carolina Criado Perez.

RAMÓN: I am extremely excited to announce this. So Here’s how it’s going to work, folks. We’re going to be reading this book, the one that is floating by the camera, now. We’re going to be reading this book together, and in a month from now we’ll be recording either, depending on how the reading of the book goes and what the content gives us. In terms of content, we’re either going to be recording one larger episode where we discuss the book as a whole or if particular topics come out of it that way. We’ll either have a series of discussions or bring on a series of guests. So this is where you come in. Listener, please join us in reading this book. We’ll be starting it as of the day that we publish this, which is a little bit of the future from our time of recording, probably a week from today, today being the 23rd of March. So anticipate the 30th of March for the announcement and you can get it either on your favorite publishers website or I’ll be listening to it through audio book and taking copious notes as I go. So there are options. I’ll be listening to it through Audible. Yeah. And if you’re interested in coming on and talking about this book, please get in touch. Come on the show. We’re on Twitter @GenderCoffee, you’ll see in our outro and Yeah, reach out to us. So I think that’s all the announcements we have it. Did I miss something, Timea?

TIMEA: I don’t know. I didn’t listen at all because I was too busy floating the book through the podcast screen. Yeah, I’m too excited.

RAMÓN: Excellent. Yeah. So get the book read along with us. And we’ll meet in a month from now in between our regularly scheduled programming to discuss this book.

TIMEA: And wait. Thanks, Ramón.

RAMÓN: Thank you, Timea, and happy reading, everybody.