0. The what, who and why of Gender Equality over Coffee

Show notes

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Here we are! Timea and Ramón go over their feelings of embarking on a new podcast journey, what they hope to learn and where this experience will take them.

Are you active in pushing for a more inclusive, intersectional space? Do you know of someone who would be great for us to talk to? Get in touch with us:


  • TIMEA: Hey Ramón!
  • RAMÓN: Hey Timea!
  • TIMEA: Let’s talk gender equality.
  • RAMÓN: I love the idea. Gimme a second I just gotta grab my coffee, I hope you’ve got yours, too!
  • TIMEA: Yep, right here.
  • RAMÓN: Ok! Here we are.
  • TIMEA: Let’s do this!
  • RAMÓN: It’s a bit weird to be recording ourselves. How are you feeling today?
  • TIMEA: Right now since you pressed record my emotions just went woosh! For some reason.
  • RAMÓN: This is… I’d say this is my first time recording without a script. So it’s pretty strange. Normally when I’m recording stuff I’ve got a script in my head so this having a more natural flow is pretty weird.
  • TIMEA: And just like that you managed to woosh it again.
  • RAMÓN: I’m sorry, Timea!
  • TIMEA: This is about being out of the comfort zone, this is how it feels right now but we want to do this, right. So let’s just get on it.
  • RAMÓN: So here we are, we’re making a podcast! This is an idea that’s been in the works for the better part of a month from my end. Has it been longer for you because this is your brainchild.
  • TIMEA: I’ve been flirting with the idea since about spring. Yeah. Since I started to get more into podcasting myself. Yeah I was thinking about different directions for the community. Yeah but never got the guts to get going. And now I do.
  • RAMÓN: Yeah, here we are, we’re doing it!
  • TIMEA: Yes. And we decided to go for the topic of gender equality right.
  • RAMÓN: Yeah. Which I’m you know I think it’s really important you might. So just for for context. Timea and I are doing this podcast together they both of us. My pronouns are he/him so… gender equality, I come from a position of privilege here, so speaking on authority it is not something I’m going to be doing here but just an authority based on my experience.
  • TIMEA: Absolutely. And I’m she/her pronouns and, yeah, gender equality is a huge topic to tackle. I just want to also say that this is our little part to the topic and being out of the comfort zone here I’m hoping that the podcast will grow and we will grow with the podcast and we will also broaden our perspective and mindset and yeah we’re gonna be having people to invite over and conversations and hopefully you know something cool would come out of it at the end.
  • RAMÓN: Yes absolutely. My aim is to is to learn and will continue learning as I go. I’ve got a lot to learn. I’ve done some learning over the years which I hope to share here. But of course that learning journey is never done. And I think by bringing up people with other perspectives than mine or yours we can we can do that.
  • TIMEA: And I think that’s a good point to mention that I’m super excited to the podcast and co-host with you Ramón. I think gender equality wouldn’t be talking about gender equality if you wouldn’t have at least two different genders represented here. So that’s… I like that a lot.
  • RAMÓN: That’s that’s great. I’m super honoured that you came up to me and said like you know when I said like I’d love to help. I was thinking you know I could do some some tech stuff but when you said come come record with me I’m like, all right let’s do it. I like talking so I’m happy. So I’m wondering if… so you’ve had this idea for for a while what what kind of made it what made now the moment not now, now like this moment but like what what made this the time, you think to to start talking to people.
  • TIMEA: Yeah. Well, if you put it like that it’s, kind of like you know the whole pandemic situation that kind of pins everybody down at home and this need of connecting and networking that to be honest it it’s been missing in my life. The conference also was shifted online so our conversation is everything online. But I also feel like it’s less. It’s just less because of the situation. So that’s one big reason why I feel like this need of still keeping the conversation going with all the amazing people and networks locally but also abroad that’s I think a good start. And then the other point is there’s just so much going on especially locally in Vienna. So many NGO is popping up that are on the forefront of gender equality and I’m just I’m losing track.
  • RAMÓN: Yeah, I definitely lost track. Yes exactly.
  • TIMEA: And then the next point is that the organizers but also members have been asking me about, you know, “I want to network” now also because of the pandemic online for example and, “I want to find a good safe space to you know maybe find a mentor or to just network with experts in my domain or simply listen to interesting topics being discussed, so where can I go to which organization should I join”. And I’m like, hm! that’s an opportunity right here.
  • RAMÓN: Absolutely.
  • TIMEA: Are you on the forefront of gender equality? You are more than welcome on our podcast.
  • RAMÓN: That’s right! Or maybe you know somebody who we could have a chat with about gender equality. You should totally get in touch with us. We’re on Twitter @GenderCoffee, or any of our other contact methods that you’ll find on our show notes. We’d love to have you on.